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We’re Vibrant Farm
Vibrant Farm is a four-season (year-round) produce farm started by Farmers Meghan & Curtis in Bantam, CT. We are Certified Naturally Grown.
Vibrant Farm specializes in greens, salad vegetables, berries, and herbs with a focus on providing consistent staples while offering unique vegetable varieties. Our favorite crops are greens and we grow a wide range including microgreens, baby greens, salad mixes, bunched greens, and culturally diverse specialties.
Find us at the Litchfield Farmers Market year-round on Saturdays, or online any day of the week to order ahead for on-farm pickup
Because our Members pay up front for their produce, they get first dibs! Members also receive their produce at a discount and get access to our year-round On-Farm pickup

Certified Naturally Grown

We’re proud to grow under a certification with Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), a grassroots alternative to organic. Certifying through CNG provides the integrity of production practices we believe in without some of the cumbersome aspects of certifying through the USDA. In addition, the peer-to-peer inspection process and other aspects of the organization offer our farm networking and community not seen in other certification processes.

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Vibrant Farm Fennel
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Lettuce Mix
From $4.00
Sweet Mix, micro
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Vibrant Farm Pea shoots
Pea Shoots
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Radish Mix, micro
From $3.00 $6.75

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